9.5mm and 16mm Cine to DVD Transfer

With 30 years experience in the film business dealing with Super & Standard 8mm, 9.5mm, and 16mm, we understand how to treat old films. We have transferred 9.5mm films dated from 1898 with the original quality still in excellent condition!

  • Up to 1000ft – 18p per foot
  • Up to 2000ft – 16p per foot
  • Over 2000ft – 14p per foot

The minimum cost of the 9.5mm or 16mm cine to DVD transfer service is £40.00. Please contact us for MiniDV and Video prices.

These prices include:

Free DVD copy
With all Cine to DVD transfers we include a free DVD copy for a family member or friend (one DVD copy per transfer, maximum of 2 DVD discs.) This is only available for new transfers undertaken.
All Set Up Costs Are Included
Since we solely concentrate on cine film transfers there are no set up costs for 8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm.
Sound Transfer Included
Again, since our system is all set up, there is no cost for any sound, but please inform us if you think your film has sound on it.
Film Repairs
With over 30 years' experience dealing with cine film if your film has been damaged or broken we can carry out all repairs professionally, for free!
Reel Changes Included
If you have two reels or 200 we do not charge you for reel changes.
Full Colour Grading and Monitoring
To make sure the best quality is gained every frame of your cine film is fully monitored.
DVD Menu
We provide a free, thumb-nailed menu for each of your reels, so it is easy to find and watch the reel you want.
Free DVD Disc and Presentation Case
Your home movies will come back to you on a professionally printed disc (not a label, which can damage your DVD player) and nicely printed sleeve in a protective presentation case.
Free From Copyright With No User End Protection
You can edit and copy the DVDs we supply.
Special Delivery Postage Included
For all Cine to DVD transfers Special Delivery postage is all included in the price (free postage is for the UK only, if abroad please contact us first.)
Free ‘Un-branding’
If you want to have no branding of Aarchive Films on the DVD or the presentation case you just need to ask and we will do this for free.

Additional Copies

If you require additional copies of the transfer each one is £10. With the initial transfer, the first DVD copy is free.

Personalise your DVD

Your DVD can be personalised with a personal message professionally printed on the DVD and on the presentation case. The title can be up to 20 words, such as 'The Smith Family 1955-1980' or 'The Wedding of Bill and Betty 1965'.

Please ensure that the titles you provide are spelt correctly before the transfer is undertaken.

Personalised DVDs are £5.00.

If no titles are required the DVD and presentation case will be labelled Cine Film to DVD. The reels on the DVD are labelled Reel 1, Reel , Reel 3, etc.

Sound Cine Films

If your cine film has a sound track this will be transferred for free. Please make sure you inform us if there is a sound track before the transfer is undertaken.

Getting the Reels in the Correct Order

If you are unsure of the order of your films we provide an Editing Service.


All transfers are sent back to you via Special Delivery and this is included in the price. If you want to send you cine film to us please read the Postage page.


If you still have any questions, please check the FAQ section, or feel free to contact us.