A Joint Project - Bridging the Tamar

Cover of A Joint Project - Bridging the Tamar

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DVD - Colour & B/W - 50 minutes
Exempt from classification

When Roger Lilley first viewed the 16mm print of Reg Blackett’s film of the building of the Tamar Road Bridge, he was so thrilled that he just had to make it into a film documentary. The images were recorded from 1959 to 1961 and Reg was able, with the permission of the contractors, to film from the top of the towers while building was in progress. His detailed script was of such interest that most of it has been included in the narration.

The unique journey of the last Saltash ferry is included, together with the official opening of the bridge by HM The Queen Mother in 1962. The film not only captures the visual images of the construction but also gives valuable insight into some of the major engineering works.

In September 1995 the bridge is due to be closed for a night for vital inspections. Aarchive’s film cameraman will be there to capture the event to round off this unique and exclusive documentary.

An Aarchive Film Production
Produced & Directed by Roger D Lilley
Archive footage by Reginald D Blackett

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