Plymouth - Chronicles of the Civil War

Cover of Plymouth - Chronicles of the Civil War

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DVD - Colour - 53 Minutes
Exempt from classification

The English Civil War came to Plymouth in the year 1642 and lasted until 1646. Despite attempts by King Charles and the Royalists to breach Plymouth’s defences, the town held out and was never taken. The famous battle of Freedom Fields lasted all day, but still the Royalists were unable to defeat the people of the town.

Now, with the assistance of the Sealed Knot Society, you can relive some of the events of the war and how it affected Plymouth. The film also shows how many of Plymouth’s existing streets were named after characters in the war.

Script & Story: Philip Photiou
Camera & Editing: Roger Underwood & Phil Lilley
Produced by Roger Lilley
Action Sequences: The Sealed Knot
Indoor Location: Plymouth Dome
With thanks to Win Scutt
Additional Narration: Gerald Lilley
Musical Score: Arjay Music
Illustrations: Daye Byrne

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