Plymouth - Policing a City

Cover of Plymouth - Policing a City

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DVD - Colour & B/W - 60 minutes
Exempt from classification

The Plymouth Constabulary formed in 1836, served the community for over 130 years until 1967 when a parade was held in the city centre to mark the end of the force under Plymouth’s control. This documentary chronicles its history from those days and with the aid of unique archive movie film, shows how the police were highly active in the 1920s, distributing the Parish Fund, a forerunner to social security.

Also featured is a superb road safety film inspired by the Chief Constable in 1926, showing amongst other things, how to get on a tram. The war years are also featured together with the story of how an unexploded bomb hit Greenbank Police Station and tow German pilots were captured the same day. With rare photographs and movie film, this documentary is history brought to life for all to see, in part, the policing of the City of Plymouth over the years.

An Aarchive Film Production
Produced & Directed by Phil Lilley
Executive Producer: Roger Lilley
Based on a book by Ernest Dickerson
Inspired by Bill Mallet
Consultant: Brian Estill
Technical Assistant: Steve Jeffers
Cover Photograph by Ken Froggatt
Script & Narration by Roger Lilley
Camera & Editing by Phil Lilley
Featuring The Plymouth Area Police Choir
Royalties to the Force Museum, Exeter

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