Plymouth's Historical Bridges & Ferries

Cover of Plymouth's Historical Bridges & Ferries

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DVD - Colour/B&W - 45 Minutes
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Plymouth is internationally known for its legends and historical character and in this unique film of the past Roger Lilley explores Plymouth’s old ferries and bridges. With the aid of vintage 16mm film we are taken on a journey across the old Saltash Ferry that used to cross the Tamar at Saltash, then onto the coastal village of Turnchapel and a trip on the old Oreston & Turnchapel ferry as it sets out from Oreston, calls into Turnchapel and takes its passengers to the Plymouth Barbican in 1938. Also featured is rare cine footage of the building of the Tamar Road Bridge between 1959 and 1962. To complement these historic images, Roger acquired from Hovercam Ltd, film of the Plymouth coastline from the air. The result is thrilling, with views of Plymouth from the Barbican to the Royal Albert Rail & Tamar Bridges.

Roger is Plymouth born and has worked in the city as an accountant for most of his working life. This is his first documentary production and he was assisted by his father Gerald and son Phil, making this production unique in that three generations of Lilleys were involved in its making. The film could not have been made without the availability of the cine film supplied by the people of Plymouth and especially the footage made available by the family of Cyril Miller, who unfortunately died in 1994, but left a legacy of archive movie images to delight most true Plymothians.

Narrated by Roger & Gerald Lilley
Camera: Phil Lilley & Roger Underwood
Aerial Footage: Hovercam Ltd
Cine Film: Cyril Miller, Jack Spurr and Sheila Conn
Post Production Facilities: Roger Underwood
Produced & Directed by Roger D Lilley
With thanks to Bill & Joan Connell and everyone who helped to make ‘Ferries’ a success.

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