Plymouth's Rise From The Ashes

Cover of Plymouth's Rise From The Ashes

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DVD - Colour/B&W - 50 minutes
Exempt from classification

The effect of the 2nd World War left Plymouth’s city centre in ashes, but 1947 saw the beginning of the reconstruction in earnest. As the workmen moved in, Cyril Miller, a Plymouth amateur cinematographer, was there to record for future generations the gradual rebuilding of the main city centre.

The images in this unique documentary stretch from 1947 to 1964 and cover the city centre redevelopment, the opening by HM Queen Elizabeth II of the Civic Centre and other events, including the 1960’s demolition and redevelopment of Drake’s Circus. To complement the archive images, Roger Underwood filmed the modern city to show the completion of the Plan for Plymouth originated in 1943. Produced and directed by Roger Lilley, this film is a compelling record for all who live in the city of Plymouth. Additional archive material supplied by Reginald Blackett.

An Aarchive Film Production in association with Roger Underwood
Produced & Directed by Roger Lilley
Camera & Editing by Roger Underwood
Titles by Phil Lilley
Narration by Gerald & Roger Lilley
Archive Footage by Cyril Miller & Reg Blackett

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