Stan Harvey's Portraits of Steam, Volume 1

Cover of Stan Harvey's Portraits of Steam, Volume 1

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DVD - Colour - 50 minutes
Exempt from classification

Spring visits the South West Devon Railway and West Somerset line in 1996, where there were celebrations marking the anniversary of the closure of the Somerset and Dorset Railway 30 years earlier.

Two Southern Railway engines, Swanage and Boscastle in all their restored glory. Standard 5, 73052 is also featured when Stan and friends hired the entire train for the day in March 13th 1996. A chilly journey in the Settle to Garsile line follows, headed by the ex-LMS Princess Royal Class 46203, Princess Margaret Rose, through the Cumbrian heights to Garsdale, shrouded in snow. Then to the Severn Valley, where Stan captured the events of the World War II weekend, complete with 'boogie' dancing at the station.

Then to Dart Valley and finally a superb collection of images and 'Giants of Steam' on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in autumn.

Simply steam, steam and more steam, beautifully filmed in Stan Harvey's unique style.

An Aarchive Film Production
Produced by Roger D Lilley
Directed by Phil Lilley
Cameraman: Stan Harvey

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