Stan Harvey's Portraits of Steam, Volume 3

Cover of Stan Harvey's Portraits of Steam, Volume 3

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DVD - Colour - 50 minutes
Exempt from classification

Between 1995 and 1997, Stan Harvey visited the Severn Valley Railway and filmed many hours of activiy on video for his personal library. The action shots have now been edited into th 3rd album in the series 'Portraits of Steam.'

The line today extends from Kidderminster to Brignorth with stations at Bewdley, Ardley, Highley and Hampton Loade. The film begins with archive footage filmed around 1973 at Brignorth, with a narrated history of the line.

From then on the camera work of Stan Harvey takes over with super shots of the many preserved engines in action. Also included are sequences of shunting in the old fashion way, plus some of the most preserved engines in the UK.

There is no story line and very little narration and music - the film simply sets out to portray steam activity for all who love the old railways.

An Aarchive Film Production
Produced by Roger D Lilley
Directed by Phil Lilley
Cameraman: Stan Harvey

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