Welsh Narrow Gauge on 8mm

Cover of Welsh Narrow Gauge on 8mm

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DVD - Colour - 42 minutes, digitally mastered
Exempt from classification

Captured in the 1960/70 period of the last century, this film portrays five of the narrow gauge railways of Wales, with archive footage of that time digitally re-mastered to video.

Victor Thompson begins our nostalgic journey with images of Festiniog, Talyllyn and Snowdon Mountain Railways, adding his unique style of narration as befitting his many years of service to the British Film Institute as a lecturer. He sees with 8mm cine camera what others fail to recognise and in almost poetic style of narration makes the trains almost human, betraying his intense love for some of the most beautiful railways in the Welsh Highlands.

We then move onto images captured by Norman Taylor, Roger Lilley and Walter Harris as we explore more of the Festiniog, Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway, The Vale of Rheidol Light Railway, The Snowdon Mountain Railway and of course, the Talyllyn.

Roger Lilley narrates the rest of the documentary with research from the early days of each working line, giving historical information to show how and why these lines came into existence.

All footage is unique to the library of Aarchive Film Productions who wish, in particular, to pay tribute to Victor Thompson for his fine work in this field.

An Aarchive Film Production
Produced and Director by Roger Lilley
Narrated by Victor Thompson & Roger Lilley
From the archives of Victor Thompson, Norman Taylor, Walter Harris & Roger Lilley

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