Editing Service

If you are not sure of the order of your cine film we provide an editing service, as follows:

  • Send the cine film to us and have it transferred to DVD via a digital master.
  • We label the reels, Reel 1, Reel 2, Reel 3, etc.
  • When your Editing Service payment has been received we send you the un-edited DVD.
  • You look through the DVD and get the films in the correct order.
  • Send us written confirmation of the order of the reels, via letter or email.
  • We then edit the cine film into the correct order.
  • Once in the correct order we make a new copy and send the DVDs and the cine film back to you.

The Editing Service is charged at £30.00 per hour, however, you are free to keep the un-edited DVD.