Terms & Conditions

Turnaround Times

Cine Film to DVD Transfers

Our average turnaround time for cine film to DVD transfers is about seven working days. On smaller transfers, if payment is sent with the cine film, we can have it done within 24 hours. For larger transfers it could be up to 3 weeks. With all transfers we will call you and give you an estimated turnaround time, before we start.

DVD Productions

Generally, we can get the DVD in the post the same working day, for orders before 3:00pm. But please allow up to 10 working days.

Postal Insurance

Cine Film to DVD Transfers

We have been mail order specialists for the past 16 years. With all cine film to DVD transfers we will only use Royal Mail's Special Delivery service. We will call you, the day of postage, to make sure there is someone there to be able to sign for the delivery the following day. If you have provided an email address or mobile phone number, we will also contact you with the Special Delivery Track and Trace number, so you can keep an eye on where your films are.

DVD Productions

Postal insurance is the responsibility of the customer. All items are sent with a proof of postage, if no insurance was taken and the item goes missing or is damaged in the post, no refund will be offered.


DVD Region Encoding

Our DVD’s are region-free and play in PAL.

Full Frame on the DVD

Your cine film will fit on a normal 4:3 television picture (Standard non-widescreen). We do our best to get the image as close to the edges as possible, without loosing any of the original picture. On the odd occasion, some of the picture might be lost, for example, a title. We do the best we can to make sure the entire original picture is as full frame as possible.


Please make sure all titles and other details which need to put on to the DVD are spelt correctly. Aarchive Films will not be held responsible for any titles that are originally spelt incorrectly.

Film Content

By signing the agreement, you are stating that the films are for your own personal use and are copyright free, i.e. home movies. Aarchive Film Productions will not transfer items of film that are copyrighted, it is the buyers responsibility. We reserve the right not to transfer any material that is deemed by us to be inappropriate, pornographic, extremely violent or in any way offensive. In any extreme case, the authorities will be notified.

DVD Branding

All DVDs and packaging are branded Aarchive Films. If you require no branding, you need to state that before the transfer is undertaken. There is no charge for this service.

Digital Master Copies

All cine film to DVD transfers are backed up on a digital master for a period of 30 days, within that time, we can produce a new DVD copy for you with no added cost. If you require an additional DVD copy outside of the 30 day period, you will need to return your DVD at your own cost.


All cine film to DVD transfers are sent out via Special Delivery only.

You are welcome to drop the films into our studios, but please make an arrangement first, thank you.


We will not use your cine film unless we have expressed permission from you. Your precious home movies are just that, YOUR memories and Aarchive Films will not use or exploit them in any way. If we feel the quality is of a very high standard and would like to use it for demonstration purposes, we will contact you first and ask your full permission.