Tester Reel

If you want to check the quality of the transfer and you have a lot of cine film we can provide you with a Tester Reel DVD.

We will:

  • Transfer up to a maximum of 200ft to DVD.
  • Send the DVD back to you Recorded Delivery, or if you want the cine film back with it via Special Delivery.

Once you have reviewed the quality we can complete the rest of your cine film transfer.

100% of customers who have tried the tester reel have been so pleased with the quality that they have had the rest of their home movies transferred by us.

If you have a lot of cine film, and you know the reel you sent to us is in a sequence, we are happy to store the film at our studios and wait for the rest your cine film so it can be placed in the correct order on the DVD.

The cost of the Tester Reel is £20.00, which is deducted from the final total cost of the entire transfer.